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Beautiful Large Prints at Wholesale Prices

Art students, professional photographers, and designers in the Washington D.C. area rely on Image Impact Inc. in Rockville, Maryland for large format prints, image enhancement, and finishing work. We offer one-week turnaround times (or sooner when needed) for all of our services, which is why we are your resource for satisfying image development and custom framing needs.

Large Format Printing

Working artists and local businesses rely on Image Impact Inc. because we specialize in providing high-quality photo printing in large formats. When you need a product that's beyond a standard size, trust our technicians to meet your needs.

Image Enhancement

When you bring in an image for printing, our staff members can enhance the quality with digital editing tools. Whether you need certain tones highlights or older images restored, our experts can improve your images with Adobe Photoshop™ and other industry standard tools.

Wedding Picture


"When a project is out-of-the-ordinary, I can count on Image Impact to find the best solution. A professional sports team asked us to print and frame a series of large digital graphics of their players. The framing entailed sandwiching prints between acrylic with special hardware and installing them under a short deadline. Teaming up with Image Impact, we were able to complete the task, which gave our customer complete satisfaction." - Steve K., Graphic and Imaging Consultant, Berry & Homer Digital Photo Lab