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Protect Your Photos and Documents with Lamination in Rockville, MD

There are some images you want to make sure have protection, but a frame is not the right option. Maybe it’s just too big, or perhaps it’s a document you want to roll and unroll several times. For those instances, lamination in Rockville, MD, is the answer. Our team at Image Impact Inc. can easily handle laminating projects for oversize images just as easily as small ones, regardless of the number.

Lamination protects the file, photo, blueprint, or map with a thin and flexible coating that doesn’t impact the image's appearance. It’s lightweight and very effective when it comes to working with large format prints that would be too heavy with glass in a frame.

As a full-service company, we can print your document, laminate it, and then frame it if that is what you need. We are capable of handling oversize products and even provide a variety of installation services for exhibits and displays.

Contact our team today at Image Impact Inc. to book your lamination project. We work with clients that range from professional photographers to consultants to companies and government organizations, and we can help you too.